YouTube Breaking Campaigns (#YTBC)

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Bearcats Baseball Post Game Shenanigans (by CincinnatiBearcats)

Coca-Cola Small World Machines - Bringing India & Pakistan Together (by cocacola)

LYNX Apollo - A Day In The Life Of An Astronaut (by LynxEffectAustralia)

The Bingle Super(car)boot Footy Kicking Challenge (feat. Jack Riewoldt) (by BingleCarInsurance)

Nike Basketball: #COUNTONKOBE (by nikebasketball)

Nike Golf: No Cup Is Safe (by NikeGolf)

Google Analytics In Real Life - Site Search (by Google Analytics)

AAMI Insurance - Rhonda and Ketut - The Remix (by AAMIInsurance)

The Browser You Loved To Hate / Do you know this guy? (by internetexplorer)

PUMA Race Off - Nico Rosberg v Sergio Ag├╝ero (by puma) #YTBC

Westpac Reward Saver Wedding Ad (feat. Bonnie Tyler) (by WestpacBanking)

I’m not Rafa - PokerStars (by PokerStarsdotTV) - great new campaign featuring Rafael Nadal


Unlock The 007 In You - New Coke Zero Commercial (by cokezero)

Smartwater viral: The jennifer aniston security tapes: secrets revealed by smartwater (by drinksmartwater)

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